Interesting links

Here are some interesting links for people who are interested in some of the same topics as me! I am not personally familiar with the organisations, so these are for information rather than endorsement necessarily.

Civic engagement – local and global


d’Arcy Lunn’s amazing Teaspoons of Change – helping people to make personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet

The Learning Service – designed to better prepare young people who are thinking about volunteering abroad

GlobalSL – This site amasses evidence-based tools and peer-reviewed research to advance best practices in global learning, cooperative development, and community-university partnership.

Sustainable Summer – a company that takes the interesting approach of encouraging students to travel to learn about how to serve, rather than to “solve” issues overseas themselves


The Giver’s Conundrum (National Geographic)

Malia, the Rise of the Gap Year, and Ethical International Engagement (Stanford Social Innovation Review)